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Cotton Soap Saver Bag

These reusable cotton muslin bags are perfect for using up those last little bits of shampoo, face cleanser, or body wash bars. They’re also great for storing your bars in between use to help keep them dry. Available in 2 sizes, the small bags are great for the mini bars and the large bags are ideal for the full-size bars.




For keeping bars dry: Pop your bar in the bag and hang to allow proper drainage and drying between use. Take the bar out for use, or keep your bar in the bag and use as you would a bare bar.

For bars once they’re in pieces: Once your bars are down to the end of their lives, just pop the pieces in this bag and easily use every last bit. Lather as you usually would, just with the pieces in the bag instead of the bare bar, then use as you normally would, either by applying just the lather or by rubbing the lathered bag over your scalp, face, or body, depending on which bar you’re using.




SMALL - Approx. 3" x 4"

LARGE - Approx. 4" x 6"

Cotton Soap Saver Bag

PriceFrom $1.25
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