Mini Oils

Want to try out mini versions of our products before committing to a full size bottle or just want something more compact for traveling?  You got it!  Choose from our Isla Cleansing Oil, Bonita Beauty Oil, or one of our pure fruit facial oils, all of which of come unscented.  To customize with essential oils, check out the full-size versions.  Learn more about each individual product by checking out the their product pages:


Isla Cleansing Oil

Bonita Beauty Oil

Face & Body Oil





3.7 ml glass dropper bottle


Each bottle contains about 75 drops of oil.  The Bonita Beauty Oil and Fruit Oil minis should last about 2 weeks when using the recommended 2-3 drops in the AM & PM, while the Isla Cleansing Oil mini should last about 4 days when using 8-9 drops of oil in the AM & PM.

Mini Oils

Minis - 3.7 ml