Custom Facial Oil - 15 ml

Many things are not one-size-fits-all, including skincare.  Now you can customize your very own facial oil by choosing up to two of our four cold-pressed fruit oils with the option of adding your choice of essential oils, creating something specific to your skin's needs.  Choose from blueberry, passion fruit (maracuja), wild watermelon, and grape seed oils.  If you'd like to combine more than two oils, include a message in your order and we'll create your custom oil as per your request.  


NOTE:  Comes in the same size/color bottle as our Bonita Beauty Oil


BLUEBERRY – Repairs & Revitalizes

Skin Concern: Uneven Skin Tone

High antioxidant content protects and revitalizes skin to promote a more radiant complexion. Absorbs well and has a light, sweet aroma.


GRAPE – Tones & Balances

Skin Concern: Oily, Acne-Prone

This lightweight oil balances sebum production, reduces inflammation and encourages skin healing. A dry oil that absorbs quickly and has a very light, characteristic scent.


PASSION FRUIT - Soothes & Rejuvenates

Specific Concern:  Dull Skin

An antioxidant-rich oil that helps revitalize dull skin. Wild-harvested from the rainforests of Brazil, this oil has a wonderfully fruity aroma and absorbs quickly.


WILD WATERMELON - Heals & Restores

Specific Concern:  Congested Skin

Soothes inflammation, promotes skin healing, and clarifies complexion. A nourishing oil that absorbs well and has a very light, characteristic scent. 






*Bergamot, *Lavender, *Frankincense, *Palmarosa, *Sweet Orange, *Ylang Ylang


Acne Prone

*Bergamot, *Frankincense, *Lavender, *Palmarosa, *Sweet Orange, *Ylang Ylang, Jasmine, Neroli, Rose


Dry Skin

*Frankincense, *Lavender, Jasmine, Neroli, *Palmarosa, Rose, *Sweet Orange



INGREDIENTS:  fruit seed oils of choice, essential oil (optional), *rosemary leaf extract


*organic ingredient




Use AM/PM.  Apply to clean skin while skin is still damp from facial toner or serum. ​ Drop 2 ​to 3 drops of oil into palm of hand and apply to face & neck.  Gently massage into skin using upward strokes.


For maximum longevity, store away from direct sunlight.





15 ml amber glass dropper bottle


Each bottle contains about 300 drops of oil which should last 50-75 days when using 2-3 drops in the AM & PM

Custom Facial Oil - 15 ml

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